About Us

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The Guarantee

At Night Night Nanny, we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and their children ensuring that your NIGHT NIGHT  NANNY experience exceeds expectations and leaves a positive and lasting impression.  Each NIGHT NIGHT NANNY is reliable, exhibits professionalism, intuitive care, and has the desire to deliver the best experience for the client and children.   To deliver our elevated level of care, all Caregivers are over the age of 

21 years old and have undergone an interview, background check and screening process. NIGHT NIGHT NANNY caregivers are accessible at all times while on assignment with your children. All are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, complete child safety plans, and maintain discretion at the client’s request.

Meet Your Nanny

Founded by Anjail Wilks, Night Night Nanny is a mobile child care agency that provides temporary & comprehensive childcare to families in the Memphis metroplex. With over

10 years of experience in providing quality childcare in

3star centers, Wilks is able to offer a high quality experience for families, while supporting the progressive nurturing of children.

   With faith in her strong entrepreneurial instinct, and her passion for children, Wilks aims to reach as many families as possible in an effort to provide childcare to busy families in need of extra help throughout the week. With this mission in mind, our goal is to strengthen the bridge between your work and family life by creating a special place that supports them both. Night Night Nanny is to provide quality care  benefiting the child, and the parent  to provide a loving, supportive, safe and educational environment for the entire family.  Anjail Wilks' first priority is ensuring that her clients and their families' satisfaction are exceeded, and that her caregivers' knowledge, safety, and responsibilities are provided. You can rest fully assured that Wilks, and

Night Night Nanny will offer safe, secure and professional service for your family.